AgileBiz Main Modules and Features

Digital Age ERP

ERP Solution

• Control Your Business from Anywhere

• Manage Multiple location in a single Platform

• Integrate Seamlessly with your Vendor & Customers

• Move from re-active to proactive management

• Customize to suit needs

AgileBiz is developed based on Axpert Technology from Agile-Lab


Axpert includes a powerful and flexible role-based security model to protect your data according to your application security requirements with 3 - way security model

 Authentication and access control

 Authorization

 Administration

Roles are the central point of authorization in the Axpert security model. Privileges, users, responsibilities and permissions all relate to roles.


Customize your application the way you want it. Axpert provides the flexibility of modifying form, defining workflows and comes with configurable widgets and reports. Being a low code platform Axpert comes with on the fly definition of forms and widgets which makes any Axpert based application easily customizable.


The level of scaling that can be achieved on Axpert is directly dependent on the capability of the server. When a strong RDBMS is used scaling does not become an issue at all. The architecture of the Axpert platform is such that it can support any volume of data and concurrent users, provided your Server configuration is strong enough to scale.


We offer a complete business and operation analysis to deliver and deploy your ERP solution and we will not leave you alone with the software!

We are committed to offer you the services you need to run your business and use your ERP solution effectively

Part-time Financial Management Services

Along with offering you the AgileBIz ERP solution, we offer the following services on a contract base:

External auditing
Internal audit
Setting up internal controls
Forensic audit
Fraud Risk Management
Financial due diligence
Book keeping, accounting, compliance review
Market research and feasibility study
Company liquidation
Tax and VAT advisory